Here is a list of best free Blu Ray Player Software. It can hold up to 25 GB or 50 GB in single layered and double layered discs respectively. The best thing about this Blu ray player is its simplicity.

Blu-Ray Players

The interface is pretty clean and simple and you can easily choose to play videos from the source you want. It has many other features which lets you enjoy your favorite audio or video. Apart of these options, you can control volume, toggle between full and small screen, render subtitles, etc.

VLC Media Player is a free popular media player and you can count it as one of the best Blu ray players. You can play multiple videos at a timecreate and save your own playlist, manage equalizer, etc. VidPlaya is another free Blu ray player software.

It also supports FLV and Flash files. SMPlayer is a free Blu Ray disc player. It lets you enjoy videos or movies from a Blu ray disc. Select the options according to the Blue ray file you want to play, and start watching the video. You can also create and save your own playlist. It remembers your settings and plays video or audio from where you left. It is very easy to use. You will find add icons on the main interface to add a video, audio, blu ray disc, or DVD.

It also supports drag and drop action. You can easily open a Blu ray video through File Menu. It supports various common and rare media file formats. You can load subtitles, create playlist, open Blu ray image, save image, save thumbnails, change audio tracks, etc.

UMPlayer is a free cross platform Blu ray disc player software. It lets you choose folder, drive, or directory to open a video. This player also lets you search and play video directly from YouTube. You can create and save playlist, change audio track, load subtitles, change skin appearance, etc. It lets you play a Blu ray disc in simple steps.

It will automatically detect and add videos. Then you can enjoy them in a click. You can add subtitles in various fonts, font style, font color, font size, and alignment.Blu-ray Disc BDoften known simply as Blu-rayis a digital optical disc data storage format designed to supersede the DVD format, capable of storing several hours of video in high-definition HDTV p and p.

The main application of Blu-ray is as a medium for video material such as feature films and for the physical distribution of video games for the PlayStation 3PlayStation 4and Xbox One. The name "Blu-ray" refers to the blue laser which is actually a violet laser used to read the disc, which allows information to be stored at a greater density than is possible with the longer-wavelength red laser used for DVDs. The plastic disc is millimetres 4. The BD format was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Associationa group representing makers of consumer electronics, computer hardware, and motion pictures.

Sony unveiled the first Blu-ray Disc prototypes in Octoberand the first prototype player was released in Japan in April Afterwards, it continued to be developed until its official worldwide release on June 20,beginning the high-definition optical disc format warwhere Blu-ray Disc competed with the HD DVD format.

The information density of the DVD format was limited by the wavelength of the laser diodes used. Following protracted development, blue laser diodes operating at nanometers became available on a production basis, allowing for development of a more-dense storage format that could hold higher-definition media, with prototype discs made with diodes at a slightly longer wavelength of nanometers in October The core technologies of the formats are similar.

Hollywood studios insisted that players be equipped with digital rights management before they would release movies for the new format, and they wanted a new DRM system that would be more secure than the failed Content Scramble System CSS used on DVDs.


In JanuaryTDK announced they had developed an ultra-hard yet very thin polymer coating " Durabis " for Blu-ray Discs; this was a significant technical advance because a far tougher protection was desired in the consumer market to protect bare discs against scratching and damage compared to DVD, while technically Blu-ray Disc required a much thinner layer for the denser and higher frequency blue laser.

However, the final AACS standard was delayed, [27] and then delayed again when an important member of the Blu-ray Disc group voiced concerns. The DVD Forumchaired by Toshibawas split over whether to develop the more expensive blue laser technology. In March the forum approved a proposal, which was endorsed by Warner Bros. The proposal involved compressing high-definition video onto dual-layer standard DVD-9 discs. Department of Justice. The first Blu-ray Disc player was perceived as expensive and buggy, and there were few titles available.

Following these new developments, on February 19,Toshiba announced it would end production of HD DVD devices, [52] allowing Blu-ray Disc to become the industry standard for high-density optical discs.

Universal Studiosthe sole major studio to back HD DVD since its inception, said shortly after Toshiba's announcement: "While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray Disc. Both studios announced initial Blu-ray lineups in May With this, all major Hollywood studios supported Blu-ray.As fun as it might be to build a collection of your favorite movies on DVD or Blu-ray, these collections can also be inconvenient to haul around.

Not to mention, some DVDs might not last forever. One solution is to digitize any paper copies you have. Once the program recognizes your disc, click the big disc drive icon to begin. To rip only the movie itself, and not extras or bonus material, select only the movie chapter or segment usually the longest title or biggest file and uncheck all the other boxes. Still, it may be advisable to convert these files to save space; Blu-ray files, in particular, tend to be massive.

With 4K increasingly becoming the standard for movies and TV, many of you are likely amassing a whole new collection of Ultra HD Blu-rays. Some of you may run into trouble extracting HDR data, and finding the formula to crack proprietary codecs like Dolby Atmos has proven to be a substantial hurdle.

There might also be a few extra advanced steps to go through, like creating a text file with the decryption keys in it or downgrading its firmware. Now you get to decide where you want to watch your video. You can also modify any of these presets and save them with new names or create custom presets from scratch. This part will take a while, so sit back, relax, and let HandBrake do its thing.

Now get viewing either using a media server like Plex or your favorite media player software. The best Mac apps for 1 day ago. The best Windows apps 2 days ago. The best soundbars for 4 days ago. The 50 best movies on Netflix right now 6 days ago. Masvidal 6 days ago.


Amazon Echo Studio vs. Google Home Max 6 days ago. These are the best cheap 4K TV deals for July 4 days ago. These are the best cheap soundbar deals for July 4 days ago.You are able to play any Blu-ray disc directly with p HD visual effect and play H. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is able to play any commercial Blu-ray disc released in any region. Meanwhile, it supports the newly released Blu-ray movies and lets you enjoy lifelike, vivid visuals and crystal-clear details with full high definition p resolution when playing Blu-ray disc.

You can build an incredible home theater and enjoy Blu-ray feast with the Blu-ray Player software, a computer and a full HD home theater projector. If you have made a copy of Blu-ray folder on your local disc, you can load it to the program and soon you will be able to watch the movies.

The whole process can be finished within a few clicks. It can display various scenes clearly in the interface and enables you to play DVD according to the main menu. You are also allowed to take screenshots during the DVD playing to capture the favorite movie scene. Except the Blu-ray playing function, it also acts as a free powerful video player program to play non-Blu-ray video.

Any video formats, such as MP4, H. With percent lossless audio and dramatic high-definition HD surround sound, this Blu-ray Player software ensures you hear every nuance of Blu-ray movies without any loss of quality. It's the best Blu-ray Player software I've used! I just need a common media player because the VLC is very slow to load files.

This software helps me do that exactly, thank you. I insert my DVD disc into my drive, and use this player to open it. God, it does a better job than WMP. The effects tool enables me to adjust the whole color of my video. It is very interesting, especially when I want to watch a horrible movie. I download many series to enjoy this weekend. Find the forward button, and I think I can watch them quickly. This player is very easy to use. The interface will not confuse me like some other complicated design video player.

Firstly, I download the wrong Mac version, because I need the Windows version. With the help of the support team, now I can enjoy my player easily. Good service. All rights reserved.

Blu-ray Player. Watch Video Go to Mac. Blu-ray and common media player You are able to play any Blu-ray disc directly with p HD visual effect and play H. Basic functions Audio track Choosable audio track and subtitle provide you much convenience. Fast speed Super-fast loading speed to play Blu-ray disc especially when you connect to internet.You may use also your phone as a Remote Control Playback!

Thus, you don't have to worry about the Disc type. Just install both the two players in your PC and insert any disc you like! Start the movie, relax on the couch and grab your phone! Build a mini-Home Cinema experience using only software… - When you insert a Blu-Ray or DVD disc with a movie, the app automatically finds and display all available Movie Information for the movie actors, plot, authors, the original Film Poster, etc - Also, you will get direct access to the any official extra videos and clips for the movie interviews, trailers, etc.

Latest Version: 5. Previous Version: 2.


We hope that you find the app useful, helpful and fun. You will really encourage us to continue support and add improvements. On the other hand, if you experience any problems, please let us know in order to fix any issues that may exist. We want to keep upgrading the application often and to improve it from version to version. We promise to increase the number in the near future.

This is a trojan virus that will hack your computer. The good reviews are fake! Installed and launched - instantly bombarded by a loud ad This "player" only works to the middle of a movie, then for some reason it just stops! Web support is useless! I liked the BluRay player. I wish it could be integrated with the DVD player. Keep it simple. It's a great product in concept only. The few times it does work, it will often be choppy and the delay between mouse input and the program's response is immense.

Darn shame, because their DVD Player program is pretty consistent. I don't like the ads that you have to wait before you can unload them.Every detail matters!

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Blu-Ray Player Ratings. Group Created with Sketch. Blu-ray Players 17 All the Blu-ray players in our ratings have excellent high-definition picture quality when playing Blu-ray discs, and almost all do a very good job upconverting standard DVDs to quasi-HD.

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Car Recall Tracker. Blu-Ray Players Buying Guide Streaming movies and TV shows has become a popular pastime, but there are still good reasons to consider a Blu-ray player. Make a Donation Newsletters Give a Gift.Find a wide range of Blu-ray Disc players at Amazon. Shop Blu-ray players from top manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung. Read about our customers' top-rated Blu-ray players on our Blu-ray Player Reviews page.

The Blu-Ray player is the foundation for any home entertainment system. More than just a disc player, it's the bedrock for everything you watch and listen to, from your music CDs to your streaming services. Additionally, you'll be able to watch your favorite movies in high-definition, bringing out the best of both the classics and latest blockbusters. Some of the best Blu-Ray players available function as both a disc reader and a device to stream your favorite shows. Blu-Ray players from Panasonic, Sony, and LG have options for users who want to play a movie or episode of a beloved sitcom from Amazon Prime or Netflix.

You can even stream some tunes by using the Pandora app on your Blu-Ray player. Most Blu-Ray players are slim enough to fit in your entertainment center without taking up too much shelf space. Plug it into your high-definition television and marvel at how your favorite characters come to life. You can play Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and CDs on your player and enjoy the sights and sounds of your digital media through your home entertainment system.

Some Blu-Ray players are even compatible with 3D, so you can bring a unique theater experience into your home. Search through the Blu-Ray player reviews to find an exact fit for your home entertainment needs.

Whether you live in an apartment by yourself or with your family in a home, you'll find a Blu-Ray player for your needs. It's a great device for watching your favorite films the way they were meant to be seen. At Amazon. Order it online and have it sent to your home within a few days. From there, you can watch a film or TV show in high definition on your home entertainment system.

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