Body frame calculator

Body mass index is the ratio of your weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared. BMI provides an estimation of your body fat level, but is in no way diagnostic. It helps healthcare providers evaluate whether you may be at risk of chronic disease due to carrying excess fat. Although BMI is an acceptable measure for large parts of the population, it doesn't account for differences in age, activity level, gender, body composition or frame size.

BMI is a set equation, so you can't adjust it for the size of your skeleton, or frame size, which might also reduce its usefulness. To figure your BMI using pounds and inches, divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared; then multiply the number bya conversion factor.

Calculating your BMI results in a number that can help a healthcare provider evaluate whether you're at a healthy weight. If your BMI is below If your BMI is between A BMI of 25 to BMI is convenient, noninvasive and easy to compute, and, although it's not a direct measure of body fat, it can be an effective screening tool.

Determine your frame size by measuring the circumference of your wrist. For women shorter than 5 foot, 2 inches, a measurement less than than 5. For a woman who is between 5 foot, 2 inches and 5 foot, 5 inches, a wrist size of less than 6 inches indicates a small frame and one greater than 6.

Women taller than 5 foot, 5 inches with a small frame have a wrist circumference less than 6. In men taller than 5 foot, 5 inches, a wrist size below 6. A large frame indicates a larger and heavier bone structure. This could cause you to weigh more than average for your height, but not necessarily due to excess fat, so a range of weights can still be consistent with a normal BMI. If you don't have too much fat but have a larger frame, you may weigh in the upper end of the weight range for your height, while you'd likely fall into the lower part of the range if your frame is small.

For example, a 5-foot, inch-tall person could weigh anywhere between and pounds and have a normal BMI. Even if your weight is normal but you have a body fat level of 20 percent as a man or 30 percent as a woman, you could be at much higher risk of diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

BMI is just one of many evaluations your doctor could perform when analyzing the health of your weight. Family history and lifestyle questionnaires, a physical exam, blood pressure and cholesterol checks and blood tests help determine if you're healthy for your height and frame size, or if you're at an increased risk of disease. If you have a small frame size, but are in the upper range of normal BMI for your height, it could indicate that you have too much body fat. Additional testing, as well as more in-depth body fat analyses, such as body fat caliper tests, bone density scans and air displacement weighing, may better evaluate your health.Determine your body fat percentage with our body fat calculator.

Use a tape measure to determine your waist, wrist, hip and forearm circumference. Then input your gender and measurements below to receive a body fat index based on average values.

The body fat index is not an indicator of fitness level since the calculation is made with no regard to height or weight. Now you know your body fat percentage, but what does it mean?

Get a better understanding of how your body burns fat and what exercises will help you reach your goal. Need some help getting your metabolism up and running? These everyday tricks will help your body burn more calories. Of the most populated U. Check out this list of common weight loss mistakes.

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No time for exercise in your busy schedule? This workout will blast fat in just 15 minutes, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells. These 14 superfoods pack a ton of nutrition into a relatively small number of calories while filling you up at the same time. Explore Similar Articles.

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body frame calculator

All rights reserved. Go Premium. Need Help? Learn More Customer Login. Gender Male Female. Weight Pounds. Waist Circumference Inches. Calculate Reset. Your body fat percentage:. Note: These calculations are based on averages.Use our free online Frame Size Calculator to perform your calculations in the wink of an eye! Knowing your body frame is useful when considering what types of physical activities are suitable for you to participate in.

Your frame size also influences what types of clothing are good for you. If you are interested in seeing how your body frame would be different according to changes in your height, perform new calculations with different numbers. For example, you can quickly see how much taller you would need to be to go from a small frame to a large frame. Check out the rest of our ever growing collection of health calculators here on Calculator Pro!

Let's be honest - sometimes the best frame size calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the frame size formula is in the first place! But if you want to know the exact formula for calculating frame size then please check out the "Formula" box above.

You can get a free online frame size calculator for your website and you don't even have to download the frame size calculator - you can just copy and paste! Click the "Customize" button above to learn more! Calculator Pro Calculators. Gender: Male Female. Wrist Circumference:. Height inches :. Thank us with a "Like":. Need multiple calculators?

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Enterprise Package. Support Package.Your body frame or bone structure can impact your ideal weight and your total body mass index, as well as your clothing size. Body frame sizes for both men and women are typically categorized as small, medium or large.

Simple measurements can help you determine whether you are large or small boned. Accurately judge your body frame size to develop a reasonable goal weight, understand how your clothing fits and improve your overall body image.

body frame calculator

Approximate your frame size by wrapping your fingers around your wrist. If your thumb and index finger overlap, you likely have a small frame. If the two meet, your frame size is probably medium and you are large boned if they do not meet. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist to determine your body frame, according to Medline Plus.

Note the measurement. Compare your measurements to frame size guidelines. If you are female, your frame size will depend upon both your wrist measurement and your height. Measure your elbow breadth. Extend your arm outward with your palm up. Bend the arm at the elbow to a degree angle. Use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the bones at the elbow. Measure the gap between the thumb and index finger to determine your elbow breadth. Elbow breadth is considered a more accurate measurement of frame size, according to the IdealBodyWeightChart.

See how your elbow breadth measurement relates to a normal frame size. A smaller breadth measurement indicates a small bone structure, while a larger measurement reveals that you have a large body frame size. Use a calculator, like the one at MyFoodDiary. Michelle Powell-Smith.

With a master's degree in art history from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Michelle Powell-Smith has been writing professionally for more than a decade. An avid knitter and mother of four, she has written extensively on a wide variety of subjects, including education, test preparation, parenting, crafts and fashion. A tape measure can help you determine your body frame size. Step 1 Approximate your frame size by wrapping your fingers around your wrist.

Step 2 Wrap the tape measure around your wrist to determine your body frame, according to Medline Plus. Step 3 Compare your measurements to frame size guidelines. Step 1 Measure your elbow breadth. Step 2 Measure the gap between the thumb and index finger to determine your elbow breadth. Step 3 See how your elbow breadth measurement relates to a normal frame size. Tip Use a calculator, like the one at MyFoodDiary. Share this article.Did you know that your ideal body weight depends on what type of body frame you have?

Two people who are 5 feet 1. There is a wide range.

What’s Your True Frame Size?

Bend your elbow 90 degrees. You want to take the measurement of the width of the widest part of the bone at your elbow. Check the chart below. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your wrist the smallest part just above the bone. Then, check the chart below. This is less accurate. Wrap your thumb and middle finger around the smallest part of your wrist. If they overlap, you are small framed. If they touch, you are medium framed.

If you can barely get them to touch or they are not touching, you have a large frame. Women Start with pounds for 5 feet tall. Add 5 pounds for every inch over 5 feet that you are. Men Start with pounds for 5 feet tall. Add 6 pounds for every inch over 5 feet that you are. Or, check out this easy to read chart from ygraph once you know your frame size. Overall, use your judgment when it comes to your weight.

What matters is where you feel healthy at. Wrist is 8 in and my elbow is 3. Hi, I think this is because you are exercising too much and eating too little. Your body is going into panic mode so at every calorie it eats, it will soak it up. Please eat more and exercise less, you are destroying your metabolism so even if you achieve your goal eventually, once you return to your lifestyle, you will blow up.

Once your metabolism stabilises where you eat well and exercise regularly but not excessively, you will naturally lose weight. Please take care. I wish I could be that be a dream I work out and eat food too any suggestions?Now that we've discussed the history of somatotypes, let's examine the three pure somatotypes - the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph.

The ectomorph body type is your stereotypical self-proclaimed hardgainer. An ectomorph has a hard time adding mass to its long and lean build, but naturally carries less fat than other somatotypes. In general, ectomorphs have a high forehead, receding chin, narrow shoulders, hips, chest, and abdomen, as well as thin arms and legs.

Sheldon describes ectomorphs as intellectual, introverted, emotionally restrained individuals who crave isolation and solitude due to their tense, anxious, and secretive nature. One study of 63 men ages years found that ectomorphs had the greatest ratio of carbon dioxide produced to oxygen consumed in one breath as well as the lowest peak oxygen uptake during peak exercise.

The mesomorph body type is your stereotypical ideal bodybuilding physique. Mesomorphs are athletic, strong, not underweight or overweight, and can increase and decrease their bodyweight weight with minimal effort.

body frame calculator

Sheldon describes mesomorphs as rugged and thick-skin individuals who are extroverted, aggressive, direct, dominant, courageous, and prone towards physical activity and taking risks. They are the genetically gifted individuals that can easily maintain low body fat, increase or decrease weight based on the requirement of their preferred physical activity, and develop all muscle groups evenly. The stereotypical endomorph body type gains weight easily so they naturally carry significant amounts of both mass muscle and fat mass, but they're not necessarily always overweight.

In general, endomorphs have a pear-shaped body, short arms and legs, a round head, wide hips and shoulders, significant amounts of fat on the body especially upper arms and thighsand are wide when viewing their side profile. Sheldon describes endomorphs as sociable, easy-going, slow-to-react, easily complacent, comfort-seeking individuals that enjoy food, people, and affection.

Endomorph body types can quickly gain fat and lose conditioning if they decrease or discontinue physical activity. However, they typically have a large lung capacity which is beneficial in non-weight-bearing aerobic activities like rowing and they can increase their muscle mass much quicker than ectomorphs.

I recently had my weight get over lbs. Is there such a thing as an mobidly obese ectomorph? I am not sure what I have. I put on muscle like an ectomorph but weight like an endomorph. This body type study is very useful and also very deceiving at the same time, but as it says you can have traits of all three, so most people are a mixture of these.Do running, exercise, lifting as much as you can, take a balanced diet, will gain height and weight.

I think that as long you have a balanced diet, exercise regulary, and keep sugars to a minimum whether it be the comsumption of sugary fruits or junk food, your body will naturally be where it needs to be. Bigorexia or muscle dysmorphia is a mental disorder most commonly seen in the males, wherein the individual is obsessed with his muscle size and has a constant desire to develop very large muscles. Mini health check up is a quick and simple way to assess your current health status and risks for heart disease, if any.

It predicts your life expectancy too. Here is a simple calculator for you to find out the total body surface area for adults, based on their height and weight, offered by medindia.

Obesity is resistant to instant remedies and its management is a long-term endeavor. Here are a few tips to control obesity in children. Slide show which explains obesity causes and tips on how to lose weight. Exercising before breakfast is most effective for weight loss. With childhood obesity on the rise If you thought fried foods, processed foods and potato are the bad guys in your weight loss plan, you thought right!

Take this quiz and find out what actually can help you get the figure you always A 3D-Slide animation explaining the laparoscopic procedure called gastric band or lap band surgery for obesity. Ayurveda body types are determined by the three principal forces namely vata, pitta and kapha. Use Medindia Body-Type calculator to find which dosha is predominant in you.

Obesity is a condition where there is excess accumulation of body fat which poses a risk to the health of the individual. It can affect children and adults.

Calculate the ideal weight of your baby with Medindia's Infant weight calculator.

Bicycle Frame Size Calculator

S Navy's Hodgdon-Beckett formula. Calculate the ideal lean body mass for your height. Show More Related Topics. Disclaimer - All information and content on this site are for information and educational purposes only. The information should not be used for either diagnosis or treatment or both for any health related problem or disease.

Body Frame Calculator

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