How to break bitlocker password using cmd without recovery key

The password is the fast way to unlock Bitlocker drive. Following are two methods to unlock Bitlocker drive with password:.

If there are some files missing after unlocking this drive, try M3 Data Recovery to recover lost data. See below tutorials:. Manage-bde is a command-line tool. It can be used for scripting BitLocker operations, such as unlock Bitlocker drive, turn off Bitlocker, change the password.

Right click cmd. Type the command: manage-bde -unlock X: -password and then press Enter. If you forgot the password, but you saved digit recovery key, Bitlocker drive can be unlocked with digit recovery key. According to the recovery key ID, enter the corresponding digit recovery key and then click Unlock. If you find some files are lost after unlocking this drive, try M3 Data Recovery to recover lost data.

Right click on cmd. Type the command: manage-bde -unlock X: -RecoveryPassword and press Enter. If manage-bde failed to unlock this Bitlocker volumetry M3 Data Recovery to recover lost data.

If you lost or forgot digit recovery key, unlocking Bitlocker encrypted drive from command prompt is impossible. Now I forgot the password and recovery key, so is there any chance to open Bitlocker encrypted pen drive again? Despite the warning to create a strong password, many users still use the usual words or phrases as their passwords.

So usual passwords are your first choice. Try to relax and remember the passwords that you may have used in the past. With some luck, you may get the correct password and open your Bitlocker encrypted drive. If you are not luck with the usual passwords, following five tools may recover your forgotten Bitlocker password or lost recovery key. BitCracker is the first open source password cracking tool for memory units encrypted with BitLocker.

By means of a dictionary attack, BitCracker tries to find the password or recovery key to decrypt Bitlocker drive. Passware Kit Business and Forensic edition can extract recovery key using live memory analysis and recover Bitlocker password using common attacks. While Bitlocker encrypted drive was mounted, Passware Kit scans the physical memory image file and extracts all the encryption keys. Refer to How to decrypt Bitlocker volume with Passware Kit?

While Bitlocker encrypted drive was not mounted, Passware Kit scans the system hibernation file hiberfil. If both of them don't contain the recovery key, Passware Kit can run the common attacks to recover the forgotten password. Refer to What password recovery attacks can I use?

It could find and extract that key by analyzing the memory dump or hibernation file.Forgot your BitLocker password? BitLocker USB drive is denied accessing? Unfortunately, if you neither know the password nor the recovery key, there is no easy way to unlock the BitLocker USB drive, you must format encrypted drive and then erase its contents, but you can at least use the drive again.

Step 2: You will immediately be prompted to enter the BitLocker password. The recovery key was created when BitLocker was first setup. The recovery key might have been saved or printed. Step 1: Run the Command Prompt as administrator. Note: If you want to turn off BitLocker, you can type the following command, then press Enter key:. If you want to use an external drive protected by BitLocker encryption on your Mac, the following solution can help you unlock your BitLocker-encrypted USB drive on your Mac using the recovery key file.

Note: If you are prompted that the inserted disk cannot be read by this computer, simply click the " Ignore " button. Step 5: Check the " Use key file " box and click " Open " to import the recovery key file, then click "Mount".

Finding your BitLocker recovery key in Windows 10

Support Team: support isumsoft. Home Products. Part 1: Unlock BitLocker drive with recovery key on Windows PC Part 2: Unlock BitLocker drive with recovery key file on Mac Unfortunately, if you neither know the password nor the recovery key, there is no easy way to unlock the BitLocker USB drive, you must format encrypted drive and then erase its contents, but you can at least use the drive again.

Step 3: Plug the BitLocker encrypted drive into your Mac.Powerful password recovery software to recover password for Windows Microsoft account, local account, and domain account, without setting computer to factory mode and no data lost. Easy, safe and efficient data backup solution.

Supports almost all Windows systems! After you successfully locked your hard drive by BitLocker, you have ensured the safe use of those data. In this case, we can still open the encrypted hard disk through recovery key file. Here, we will talk about how to unlock BitLocker encrypted drive from command prompt with recovery key.

Of course, this task can be easily completed with command prompt.

How to remove BitLocker recovery encryption from windows 7, 8, 10

First check whether the disk drive on your computer is encrypted or not. Make sure it is locked, and then we can unlock it.

Here we focus on how to unlock the drive by command prompt. Step 1: Firstly, you need to open command prompt as an administrator. The following figures show the operation details on windows 10 and windows 7.

For Windows right-click on the icon and select Command Prompt Administrator. Step 2: when it turns to command prompt panel, you need to input the following texts to get unlock:. Example: manage-bde -unlock E: -RecoveryPassword It is recommended to copy the BitLocker Recovery Key and paste it directly to avoid errors. Press Enter to complete. When you operate on your computer, remember to modify it according to your situation. You can now continue to turn off the BitLocker by using the command prompt too.

Let's look at the following figure. Tips: It is also possible to directly enter recovery key to unlock. Windows Password Tuner. Download Buy. Cocosenor Backup Tuner. After that, your encrypted drive will be unlocked.

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We will get through this together. Normally, when encrypting a drive with Bitlocker on a Windows computer, you set a password on it and save the recovery key, so that you can unlock the Bitlocker encrypted drive with them. You can double-click on the encrypted drive and then enter the password or click on more options to enter the recovery key to unlock Bitlocker drive directly.

How To Recover/Find Bitlocker Recover Key For Windows 7/8/10

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This article has also been viewed 3, times. Learn more Unlocking a Bitlocker Drive with a Recovery Key. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Run Command Prompt as an administrator. On Windows On the bottom-left corner of the screen, type in "cmd" on the search box. On Command Prompt screen, type in the command line and execute it. Type in command line: Manage-bde -unlock E: -password And then press Enter to execute it.

Type in password to unlock Bitlocker drive. If the command above executes successfully, you will get the message asking to enter the password to unlock this volume. Type your Bitlocker drive encrypted password, and then press Enter. The password is invisible on the Command Prompt screen, so make sure the password you type in is correct, or you will need to type in the command again. Method 2 of Open Command Prompt as an administrator.

Type in the command line.BitLocker is a useful Windows built-in feature which can secure your files on a pen drive.

how to break bitlocker password using cmd without recovery key

If you forgot the correct password, the recovery key is the only chance to unlock the drive without losing files.

You can quickly remove BitLocker with the help of recovery key. Once you lose the recovery key by accident, you can reuse pen drive by formatting it. Then how to remove BitLocker encryption from pen drive with or without recovery key? Insert your pen drive with BitLocker encryption and expand More option. Click on Enter recovery key and type or paste the recovery key into the box. Hit Enter on the keyboard to unlock it. Step 2: Click on Turn off BitLocker.

First, you have to unlock the pen drive with recovery key. Then read the guide below to remove BitLocker encryption from pen drive. In the new window, you can turn off the BitLocker. If you lost the password and recovery key to unlock your pen drive, you must to format it before reuse it. Step 1: Open the Disk Utility from the Dock. Choose the BitLocker encrypted drive and click on Erase.

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as administrator. After that, execute the commands below. Step 2: After format the pen drive, you are unable to open it. Right-click on This PC and select Manage. Right-click on the unallocated volume and choose New Simple Volume.

Step 3: After finishing creating the new volume, your pen drive can perform as a regular removable hard disk. This article was helpful.

Option 2: Remove BitLocker encryption from pen drive via Control Panel First, you have to unlock the pen drive with recovery key. Step 3: Run manage-bde -off f: to turn off BitLocker. Part 2: Remove BitLocker encryption from Pen Drive without Recovery Key If you lost the password and recovery key to unlock your pen drive, you must to format it before reuse it.Encryption is the process of algorithmically transforming information making it unreadable to unauthorized individuals.

It is often employed to safeguard sensitive information such as credit card and bank account numbers. Plain-text data is encoded during encryption and can only be decrypted with a key. There are a number of encryption algorithms in use that employ either symmetric or asymmetric keys to encode and decode the data. An encrypted hard drive offers the user protection for their data in the event that the hard drive is stolen or accessed by unauthorized users. Without the key or password, the drive and its data are inaccessible.

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There are many applications that provide encryption for data resident on a storage device or being transmitted across a network. BitLocker is a proprietary encryption program offered by Microsoft on some of its versions of the Windows operating system. It is available to users with:. In addition to running one of the support flavors of the Windows OS, there are some other system requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to run BitLocker. You are required to have a drive with at least two partitions as well as a special chip known as Trusted Platform Module TPM.

If the TPM detects unauthorized changes to your system it will boot in restricted mode to thwart possible attackers. For more information on setting up BitLocker we suggest consulting this Microsoft support page. When you are setting up BitLocker there will be a point where you will need to assign a password to be used each time you start your machine. You need to select whether you intend to enter the password manually or by storing it on a USB key.

Using the key method poses the risk that the USB key can be lostleaving you unable to authenticate when booting your computer. Choosing the method in which you store your recovery key entails selecting the type of safety you are most interested in maintaining.

Saving the key to your Microsoft account will let you unlock and decrypt your files if you lose the flash drive or the paper on which it was printed. It also poses the risk of someone accessing your Microsoft account and gaining access to the key and thereby your hard drive. We leave it up to you to determine which risk you are more comfortable taking. You go to start it up and cannot remember the password.

This is definitely problematic.

how to break bitlocker password using cmd without recovery key

There is some critical data stored on the drive that you absolutely have to be able to access. What are your options if you cannot unlock your drive normally? Despite warnings to create unique, strong passwords made up of a combination of alphanumeric and special characters, many users still use simple words or phrases to protect their data and user accounts.

Try to relax and remember passwords that you may have used in the past. With some luck, you may stumble onto the correct password and gain entry to your hard drive. In the event that you cannot access a BitLocker protected drive, you may be called upon to perform a BitLocker recovery.

This can be done in a variety of ways.

how to break bitlocker password using cmd without recovery key

Recovery is done through the command line by using the following procedure depending on if you are recovering a local or remote machine. There are data recovery applications available that may be able to extract data from encrypted BitLocker containers. One such tool is Disk Drill for Windows.But you will forget the password, on another hand when you are encrypting the Drive that time automatically Receive a Recovery password from windows.

What is BitLocker? BitLocker recovery is a program that already exists, on Windows 7,8,8. BitLocker can encrypt on Bit and Bit encryption. What does BitLocker do? BitLocker can protect your files from offline and online attacks when you are connected to a computer.

There different ways to open the Drive BitLocker or break its password. These two are free you can download. How to restore and recover your deleted files. Step 1. Step 2. On the next screen, you will see, Creating Virtual Hard Disk image from a physical drive.

Step 3. Step 4. After that, you created Dynamically Virtual Hard Disk, then the next page will open to save the files select the Desktop or any other drive. Step 5. On the next screen you will, an option of the Reading disk, that the Winimage is saving the full information of your Lock disk to Desktop.

So download and install Passware Kit Forensics Bit which download Link is present at the beginning of the article. Passware Kit is an agent for network distributed password recovery. On the next screen, you will see, Browsethe file in which you saved the information of BitLocker Disk on the desktop. BitLocker Drive, the file which you have made with Winimage and saved that to the desktop.

On the next screen, after that, you selected the file, select The BitLocker volume is dismounted. A brute-force attack will be assigned. Primary Menu. Search for: Search.

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