Mt4 data feed

Our services are unique and we try to do new every time, we provide automatic buy and sell signal software in all markets which gives automatic signals in all kind of markets. Every signal contains proper details of entry point exit point and stop loss point. Our software based on Metatrader 4 Mt4 platform which is the finest and best charting cum trading platform in the world. In foreign countries this platform is available as trading platform also like Odin, nest, neat etc.

But due to some reasons in Indian markets we can avail this software as a charting tool only. Also give best service to our valuable clients making good profit from share market, commodity market Trade less earns more.

More and more traders are getting attracted to our services and they are also getting money from the market on regular basis. We teach everyone how to trade when to trade and what to trade in which situation. All this knowledge we provide with our Technical analysts team and support and help of our clients.

We, Mcx Sure Gain are committed in helping our traders to benefit from Indian Stock Market by adopting a resonably correct strategy with discipline. Our solutions are easy, profitable and User friendly. Office: SScharting.

Free Scanner Indicator. Who We Are. About Us SScharting. SSCharting Features!! Read more. Powerful features makes SSCharting standout from the crowd. Pricing Plan For Mt4 Datafeed. Basic Plan. Starting at. MetaTrader4 data. Creative Agency.Fast, Reliable and Accurate Streaming Charts. Take A Free Trial. Request A Callback.

Fast, Reliable and Accurate Streaming Charts

Supported Platforms. Dont See Your Favourite Platform listed? Tell us which platform you want us to support and we will do our best to include it. Most of the times, it helps if you write to that platform also directly. Read more. Need raw data? No Problems; use our. Why Global Datafeeds? Because its Reliable yet affordable.

See Products. Data does not change once candle is formed. So no more signal mismatch after backfill. We are one of the oldest players since We deliver Extremely accurate streaming data and charts. Compare with your trading terminal any time.

Identical data is delivered to all users. Sincewe have been striving hard to deliver the best in most professional manner.Datafet gets raw data from stock exchange and convert them to the format readable by Metastock or Metatrader.

Users can see stock charts using any technical software which supports data format from the two above. Datafet supports data eod and intraday with timeframe 5 minutes.

If you need 1 minute chart, please download 1 minute version. This version has shorter data intraday history compare to 5 minutes version. Datafet and World data plugin are two different products. Designed and Developed by Datafet. Contact us dvkhanhvn gmail. Datafet provides stock data for AmiBroker, Metastock, Metatrader and more Datafet gets raw data from stock exchange and convert them to the format readable by Metastock or Metatrader.

MT4/MT5 Data Plugin for Amibroker

This version has shorter data intraday history compare to 5 minutes version If you want to use portable version, you can download file below, extract and start file Datafet.

World Data Plugin for Amibroker This plugin can get real-time stock data for most major stock exchanges in the World. When you register trial, you have 10 days for free updating stock data for all stock exchanges. After that period, you need to buy the data package in order to continue to update stock data. NET Framework 4. You can download. NET 4. Power for Feed stock data Real-Time Feature.Contact mt4charting. Super Swing Demand Supply.

Rs Monthly. Free Scanner Indicator. Which will not only help you to do Trade also help you to Take Profitable Trades. Put an end to all costly monthly subscriptions from share market tips providers. Please read this carefully before proceeding.

We do not accept any liability arising from the use of any content on this site. The readers of this material should rely on their own investigations. Information is obtained from sources deemed to be reliable but is not guaranteed as to accuracy and completeness. Payment made for any services mentioned on this website is not refundable at any stage. Using any services or any said products mentioned in this website does not known or unknowingly is not for commercial purpose and it is solely meant for private circulation onlyBy aggreeing the terms and conditions you are entering into our group to avail these services and support for any updation.

The views are based on the theory of Technical Analysis. Exit and entry prices are only informative. Trading and investment in stock market is risky and volatile. Any content on this website may not be reproduced, distributed or published, in whole or in part, by any recipient hereof for any purpose without prior permission.

All the trademarks and their softwares mentioned here belong to their respective owners and we author and site owner do not claim any responsibility. Investors should take their own decision while investing in share markets or whatsoever. Office No G Peter Lynch. Warren Buffett. At vero eos et accusam et justo dolores et ea rebum. Ut wisi enim minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation. Contact us in Live Chat for Free Trail! Download Now! Office Address Office No G Design By Mt4 Charting.Our data is preferable for the traders who trade in stock or commodity markets.

mt4 data feed

MT4 provides real-time data feed service through Online Very good charting feature. The MT4 data feed is most reliable and perfect for the traders to do their Technical analysis in stock or commodity. It gives better information about the trend of the market. Metatrader 4 software is very user friendly software for all types of traders, technicians and investors.

If you are trading in stock or commodity market then you must use this tool. Its too simple to operate and having all the basic indicators, oscillators and charting tools inbuilt. There is widest range of indicators and strategies in the Metatrader codebase itself.

Skip to content. Choose the perfect plan. Per month. Easy and User Friendly Platform. Live Support. Get Started. THREE month. User friendly and simple to read and operate. MT4 has Most of the indicators and oscillators are inbuilt. MT4 is Easy to add advance custom indicators. Largest range of indicators in code base of MT4.If no one will reply with valiable advice so I am suggesting to you to use Freelance anyway.

mt4 data feed

If you think you have a viable solution I will be happy for you to tell it. Thank you Sir. You are appreciated. I found this service online that I think will work for me I am suggesting to you to go to Freelance service to receive assistance with your problem related to the coding, consultation etc. I just looked at your profile and I understand that you are comfortable with Freelance here So, you know everything which I am posting on this thread.

I won't name any but if you look around you can just find several XML feeds so why make it so complex? To add comments, please log in or register. Neb Elbey I am developing a mobile app for my phone and I need to know how to connect to my MT4 platforms API so that I can receive the data and indicator alerts coming from my MT4 platform on my laptop to said app I am developing.

Is the API something that I connect to or is this a service to be purchased from a company? Please can somebody help me with this answer? Sergey Golubev If you have MT4 API if you coded it so you are able to connect it to your application because as I understand - you are the coder.

instant activation

Or you think that everybody is having this API and will upload it here? Or you created this thread to promote your mobile application? William Roeder And Metaquotes can change it without notice. And you are the coder you are having it done. Neb Elbey : I found this service online that I think will work for me Marco vd Heijden Just check out the below video to know how Meta Trader 4 looks and its working on real time market.

mt4 data feed

MT4 Live Data Feed. Awesome Features. Get to know why Traderprov3 is one of the best indicator for MT4 and Learn about its various cool new features. Low latency real time data with ultrafast delivery, True tick-by-tick data. Sufficient redundancy at all levels to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of data during market hours. Be an informed trader, have complete information regarding the trades, the data contains Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open interest, Bid price, Ask price.

If you are trading based on a strategy, we know how important is this feature for you. Data comes directly into Metatrader4 MT4 — The renowned and widely used advanced technical analysis and charting software.

Data is downloaded simultaneously for all the symbols so you can explore in Metatrader4 MT4 in real time. By multiplying your abilities to track more than one symbol simultaneously. You also multiply your chances to find many more trading opportunities during live market. Data with no gaps, irrespective of when you start your PC, the data will continuous without any gaps backfill is entirely automatic Support custom indicators.

Interactive charts. MT4 Training. Watch Demo. Market Watch Tutorial. Navigator Window Basics. Chart Window Tutorial. Create Template in MT4. Set Profiles on MT4. Chart Window Properties. Managing Charts on MT4. Terminal Window Basic Part 1. Terminal Window Basic Part 2. Order Now. Support Available. Assistance Offered.

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