Remington bottom eject pump shotgun

From the fields and waterways of America, to the frontlines and law enforcement, Remington shotgun innovation continues to lead the way for the American way of life. From the fields and waterways of America, to the front lines of law enforcement, Remington shotguns continue to lead the way for the American way of life. Year after year, decade after decade, they withstand the test of time and conquer all rivals.

No other pump shotgun can match the Model 's strength and smooth, effortless operation. Its legendary reliability is the heart of its popularity, as evidenced by the more than 13 million outdoorsmen, law enforcement officers, competitive shooters and home defenders who have chosen the never-say-die pump gun since its introduction in That same reliability has made the Model one of the most adaptable shotgun designs ever, and the best-selling shotgun of all time.

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remington bottom eject pump shotgun

High Grade Back.By gflJune 29, in Shotguns. My brother is in the market for an inexpensive HD shotgun. Due to being left handed he would prefer a bottom ejecting gun. Other than the KSG what other shotguns eject from the bottom? The re-introduced Ultralight was discontinued some years ago and will be harder to find than a Featherlight.

The Remington CTi is the only domestic bottom-loading, bottom-ejecting semi-auto shotgun I know of, and it was an abysmal failure for Remington. My father had a Ducks Unlimited version, which he picked up with a cracked stock.

Could not find a replacement, so I picked up an identical gun with a good stock and swapped them. Have a Boyds set awaiting me at home, and going to have Rose Action Sports take the barrel down to 19"" range after I check function.

Remington Model 10 (M10)

It is a ribbed barrel, so going to have it machines down to a rib mount to look somewhat correct. They are going to thread it for Remington chokes, since I predominantly use them for hunting. When all said and done, I'm going to try to have CCR redo the shotgun. Was either going to plate the entire thing, or Parkerize the larger parts and plate the smaller ones. It is just an awesome design. So simple in operation. But if you strip down the receiver, you get the same feeling of quality as if you held a stripped Garand receiver You should search the 'net for a used smoothbore Deerslayer barrel.

Would save you the expense of cutting a good barrel.

New Ithaca M37 WWII Trench Gun by Inland Mfg.

Be advised, models prior to can "slam fire" if you keep the trigger pulled when pumping. Also note that earlier models late 's do NOT have interchangeable barrels. Then I lose the look, sight option, and choke tubes that I want I took a lot of the stuff off the donor gun and replaced parts on my father's to give him the best shotgun.

Since the furniture on it is cracked, I'm swapping out for walnut and making a nice throwback shotgun. For added info on Ithacas, there are two action arm assembly setups; classic and deluxe.It is hard to call the slide action shotgun under rated, for the pump action is the most popular shotgun action in the United States, selling more units than all other actions combined.

Long gone are the days of the Winchester Modelmy Dad's first shotgun that he bought with his paper-route money. However, a slide action can cost as much to make or far more in the case of the Model 12 than a lot of autoloaders and it is more reliable than any of them.

Shell intensity has little to do with the proper function of a pump gun. It doesn't cost a nickel less to properly finish a pump gun, whether it is to stock it, blue it, machine a rib, build a receiver, supply choke tubes, produce a decent trigger and so forth.

It doesn't seem rational that two thousand dollars can be tolerable for an autoloader, yet a thousand dollars is viewed as too much for a slide action, but that is how many folks feel. Although crude looking and with heavy triggers, the Nova and Super Nova shotguns have proven to be ridiculously tough. They almost take themselves apart for cleaning. They aren't a vision of refinement, but they are a working man's type of shotgun. As such, they are good guns. As a bottom eject gun with a steel receiver, you won't bean your buddy when ejecting a shell and you won't get gas in the face from an opening breech, either.

The bottom eject design means the action is ambidextrous and snow, rain, or general gunk isn't going to drop into the action.

Remington Model 10

When fast follow-up shots are desired in a slug gun, the Ithaca M37 Deerslayer fills the bill. Both are well made and certainly rank as good guns. The Mossberg family is proud of their commitment to offering affordable guns to the consumer, with no apologies.

The alloy receiver Mossberg has sold over 10, units since its introduction and Mossberg offers more variations of the platform than just about any shotgun made today. Their Flex system makes customization effortless and there are more youth models from Mossberg than from any other manufacturer. The Model is a good pump gun and an extremely good buy for the money.

Introduced inthe Remington is the best selling shotgun in the history of the world, hitting 12, units sold. A Remington Wingmaster is a good gun by most anyone's standards and the action is very slick.

If there is one stock design that seems to fit more shooters than anything else, it is likely the Remington Wingmaster. Among pump action slug guns, the Ithaca 20 gauge Deerslayer II is a standout. Their rifle-sighted TurkeySlayer models are also excellent.

My personal preference is for the trigger guard cross-bolt safety of the Remington and Ithaca M The Mossberg top tang safeties tend to be a bit too stiff for my taste.

However, that can be fixed and a metal safety slider can be added. The Browning BPS safety is too flush to give me good purchase and, as usual with current Browning repeaters, the trigger is excessively heavy.

Generally speaking, the factory Invector Plus choke tubes are poor performers, but good aftermarket choke tubes abound. The Browning BPS is unique in that it is offered in all gauges. These include 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and.

The 10 gauge is a monster of a pump gun, weighing in at almost 11 pounds. It doesn't kick excessively, because it is one exceedingly heavy shotgun.

remington bottom eject pump shotgun

The walnut stocked, polished and blued Remington Wingmaster is a substantially better shotgun than the cheaper Express models.Credit: Image courtesy of the Public Domain. Unlike other global firepowers, the United States was never shy about going to war with shotguns in tow. This proved the case even against German protests who deemed it, ironically, inhumane in World War 1 where the Remington Model 10 series pump-action shotgun was fielded to help shore up weapon stocks for US troops heading to Europe.

Some even saw service in the lead-up to World War 2 and thereafter. Many of Remington's sport-shooting designs of the period could be traced back to Pedersen's involvement though his military-minded endeavors often fell short through no fault of his own.

John Pedersen was the developer of the notable "Pedersen Device" - an assembly that was to be added to the M Springfield service rifle allowing for firing of. Unfortunately, despite production lines beginning to output the assembly, the Pedersen Device was doomed by the cessation of hostilities in World War 1 - the Armistice being signed in November of The Model 10 shotgun was introduced to Remington lines inoriginally as a sporting system.

Production would ultimately span from until before the type was discontinued. All versions were gauge and barrel lengths offered were the long-form inch model and a shortened, compact inch version. The action was manual through working of the slide mounted under the barrel and around the cylindrical magazine. The magazine was of basic tube form and incorporated up to five shells inline.

A button along the right side of the receiver was held down with each pump-action to introduce a fresh shell into the chamber and eject any spent ones. The loading port was located under the receiver ahead of the trigger and doubled as the ejection port. Each model featured a fixed, ergonomic solid wood stock attached to the end of the receiver with a formed pistol grip. The slide was also wooden and usually ribbed for a firm grip. An iron sight was forged just aft of the muzzle.

The proper position for Model 10 function was the firing hand around the grip, the shoulder stock tucked into the shoulder pit and the supporting hand at the pump-action slide. The weapon's rate-of-fire was, therefore, limited to the speed of the action while reloading was relatively simple. When the United States committed to World War inthe Remington concern was charged with delivering a militarized version of their Model 10 Model A other firearms manufactures were also brought into the mix.

This produced a line of weapons recognized generically as "Trench Shotguns". More or less faithful to their sporting core, Model 10 Trench Shotguns were given shortened inch barrels for compactness, a wooden heat shield fitted over the barrel to protect the forward hand, sling swivels for a shoulder strap and bayonet mountings under the muzzle to support the US military's standard M bayonet.

These versions were used in a frontline fashion alongside the competing Winchester Model shotguns, the Winchester proving the principle US Army shotgun of the war. To shore up requirements for guard duty, the Model 10 was also procured in a inch barrel form recognized as the "Riot Gun".

Like the Modelthe Remington Model 10 was also purchased in and inch barrel forms for training aircraft gunners in the fine art of shooting moving targets at range. Shotguns certainly held value in close-quarters combat - whether they be used in house-to-house fighting or trench-clearing sorties.

The repeat-fire nature and inherent firepower of a shotgun proved priceless in the confines of trench warfare and the Model 10 did not disappoint in that respect nor did any of the other competing shotgun marks for the US military during the conflict. Its lethality is what prompted German protests against the weapon in the latter stages of the war - of course the German Empire itself guilty of utilizing poison gas against Allied troops in the field.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website.

It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Reliable in all conditions. Finish and design of available tubes vary. Back-boring increases the inside bore diameter to its ideal, maximum allowable specification. This reduces friction between the shot cup and the barrel, reducing shot deformation for better patterning.

Top tang safety is functional convenience to the max. Those that shoot a BPS are a unique bunch. The BPS has a solid reputation for long-lasting durability and an uncanny ability to keep on working in spite of what Mother Nature does to stop it. The proven pump-action design of the BPS is sound and reliable. All components are durably constructed of solid steel and are housed inside a receiver machined from a solid block of forged steel.

Rigid double slide bars are made from heat-treated steel and eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient operation. The result is smooth operation in all conditions and the ability to stay on target while delivering rapid follow-up shots. A convenient serrated slide release is located at the rear of the trigger guard. Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. Top to Bottom.Remington Express Magnum VangComp. Remington Police Magnum VangComp. Remington Police Magnum.

View Category. Trades Accepted: Will trade for new. Read More. Private Collector in Florida. Certified check, money order or personal checks. All checks will be verified and will ship only after funds clear. No returns and all guns sold as is. We do our best to describe what they are and how they look. Write us if you have questions before you buy. No feedback Yet View.

Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. Description: Remington 12ga bottom eject shotgun. This is the orginal issue made between and is the pre-model to the 10A. Was originally sold as right or left handed. Serial U Shows some wear but is in very good condition for being years old. Minor marks on stock but there are no cracks to the stock or forearm. Barrel has minor pitting otherwise a nice mirror shine.

Truly a great collectors gun. Gun sold as is. Must ship to FFL. Condition: Used, Minor Wear. Caliber: 12 Gauge.Shotguns have been getting a lot of love recently. Whether you decide to buy new or used, shotguns made by reputable manufacturers are reliable and accurate. If you do decide to buy used, you can save a lot of money. The Stevens line of pump-action gauge shotguns have many of the features of more expensive guns but at a much more affordable price. The features a pistol grip, proven rotary bolt design and dual slide bars for reliable operation.

The receiver is a bottom load and right eject. It has a 3-inch chamber and a fixed cylinder choke. The gun weighs just under seven pounds.

The Winchesterotherwise known as the trench gun, is one of the most iconic pump-action shotguns around. It became infamous among enemy combatants during the first World War.

It allowed U. Over the years, the design has evolved. While an original Winchesteror M97, can only be purchased used, the modern variant is the SXP. The Stoeger P Defense Pump shotgun keeps it simple.

remington bottom eject pump shotgun

It has a red fiber-optic front sight, weighs 6. Best of all, the P comes with a 5-year warranty. Mossberg has been making guns sinceand is still a family owned American business. First launched inthe series of pump-action shotguns are some of the most popular home defense shotguns on the market. They are used by both civilians and militaries around the world.

Eight Affordable Shotguns for Home Defense

There are tons of upgrades, after-market parts and accessories. The more recent A1 model is the only shotgun to pass the U. The Remington is the most popular pump-action shotgun on the planet. It was released in and quickly took the world by storm. Magazine capacities range from four to 10 shells with both tube and more recently a magazine fed design.

The shotgun has been used for years by both police and prison guards and limited service in foreign military forces. Highly modifiable, a stock can be modified by the user into an excellent home defense weapon. Florida based Kel-Tec is known for doing things a little bit differently.

Their KS7 pump-action gauge shotgun is built around a bullpup design.

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